Thoughts on home, nourishment, work, and earth. 

On 2016

I want to write about being creative. 

In the past 15 months, I have graduated from college, had four different jobs, moved three times, lived in the country, lived in the city, traveled to 15 states, had two birthdays, adopted a dog, grown three gardens, and became engaged! 

I often feel guilty about "not being creative" or lacking specific visual art output, but when I reflect on my life, I have been busy! I have been learning, gardening, fermenting, cooking, reading, making friends, brewing, dog walking, drawing, writing, and spending time with my person.

Creativity has found me in many ways. I have been rescuing food as well as learning ways to preserve and ferment different foods and drinks. I have also started to chronicle what I am learning and making here, through my project Charm City Homestead. 

I have been learning about fermentation, microbes, gardening, plants, and the earth! This past fall I met Sandor Katz, a very influential writer in my life, and felt inspired to diversify my skills and share them. There are also beers, meads, ciders, miso, okra, sauerkrauts, and other fermented goodies bubbling away in the basement as I write. In the spring I hope to volunteer with an urban farm in Baltimore, and am dreaming of next year's garden every time I read my Baker Creek seed catalog. For now, only 'Nam (my lime leaf tree) is snuggled inside.

And I am excited for the future! Creatively, I am interested in the business of living. How can it be better, kinder, or more satisfying? I have been practicing skills to create foods and gardens, live purposefully, make connections with people, and to live in a way that is better, kinder, and more satisfying. I plan to post more here soon. Until then, I have plenty of projects in the new year to keep creating!