This page contains a video of the installation Breakup from multiple angles, as well as several still shots. Breakup combined a video performance of domestic routines like sweeping, chopping vegetables, folding clothes, and cleaning. This video was performed in the space of the installation, which was filled with mirrors on opposite sides of the room. The video was then projected back over the mirrors. The projection was bounced around the room while simultaneously viewers in the space could not avoid seeing their own reflection, and were implicated in the domestic space. To most closely mimic the effect of the installation, I encourage you, the web-based viewer, to watch the video here fullscreen. 

I want to create a world where boundaries are not limiting, but are instead a source of constant reinvention. I created a room full of mirrors that break up the architectural boundaries of the room through multiple reflections.  The mirrors serve a double purpose: they reflect the boundaries that exist, but also work to subvert them. With projected video performance, I refilled the room by performing domestic routines, because I wonder if domesticity can be reconsidered as the architecture is. Because it is not one space, but many, I ask what is possible to build anew from pieces of the present.